At Cut Flowers, our primary focus is on working

collaboratively with our clients, crafting floral

works that enhance private spaces, elevate public

events and express a wide variety of emotions. We

oversee everything from initial concept to selection

of flowers, to the final details of arrangements, 

design and delivery. Our goal is to first listen closely

toour clients and then explore, imagine and manifest.

For us, working with flowers is much more than merely creating a stunning centerpiece or dreaming up a delicate bouquet. Instead, we tell stories with our work, and with every client there is the opportunity to embark on a fresh adventure — to create mood and craft a tale, celebrate beauty and embrace the senses. 


' Cut flowers considers every project as a labour of love. She creates unique designed displays of rare and uncommon blooms making sure she fits the brief above and beyond all expectations.'

"Jo was great to work with from the very start of the process and really understood what I was looking for. All our guests commented on how amazing the flowers were - especially the 'meadows' she created - and said they'd never seen anything like it which was great to hear. I can't thank her enough for making me feel calm on the day and totally transforming the marquee and church with her beautiful creations."


Christina & Ben

' We knew we were going to get something expectional from seeing her work before but what Cut flowers created exceeded all our hopes.'

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